Wellness Beyond traditional Medicine


Personalized Functional Medicine based in Miami, Florida

our goals
center around

  • Healing the gut
  • Targeted Nutrition
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce toxic load
  • Stress Management
  • Quality sleep
  • Balance of hormones


Internal Medicine

As an Internal Medicine physician, we specialize in applying evidence based scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis and compassionate care of our adult patients.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine utilizes an individualized, evidence-based approach that addresses the root cause of disease rather than the symptom. Through the analysis of  genetics, biochemistry and lifestyle, we establish a direct personalized treatment plan that focuses on improving your outcomes and promoting optimal wellness and vitality.

Personalized Lifestyle Medicine

Personalized Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence based therapeutic approach used to treat and prevent chronic disease. With lifestyle interventions we address behavioral changes related to nutrition, physical activity, stress, and sleep management in order to achieve long-term optimal health outcomes.

Preventive Cardiology

Preventive cardiology is a subspecialty focused on the early detection and reduction of cardiovascular disease risks. A closer look into the genetics, family history, and lifestyle could be the key to preventing one of the nation’s leading cause of death

Weight Loss & Management

Personalized programs selected to improve your relationship to food and exercise. They include adopting the central principals of physical activity and healthy nutrition, sensible eating plan, intermittent fasting, nutritional support, medications when appropriate and stress management.

Wellness beyond medicine

Traditional medicine’s focus is on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Functional medicine, however, is aimed at identifying the root cause of the disease, far beyond the presenting symptoms. Rather than merely managing the disease, we focus on improving each individual’s care long-term, with the aim of achieving results that are long lasting.

Our Main Goals Center Around

  • Disease Prevention
  • Identifying root cause of disease
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Healing the gut
  • Reducing toxic load
  • Targeted nutrition
  • Correcting nutritional deficit
  • Balance of hormones
  • Stress management
  • Quality of sleep
  • Weight management